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Hair Mask Impressiveness is a unique product for everyday or occasional intensive hair and scalp care. It contains exclusive mix of ingredients that boost its effect and leave you hair and scalp nurtured and nourished. Special ingredient – White truffle (Tuber) with exceptional properties is added for radiance, revitalization, moisturization, antioxidant action. Additionally, it has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect, soothing irritated scalp. It also works on a more subtle level and eliminates inflammation that is not yet macroscopically visible, therefore it helps to eliminate irritation and itching. Thanks to a clinically proven and patented extract of Abies Alba Wood (Belinal®) which is an extremely strong antioxidant, it improves the mechanical properties of hair, preserve color and shine and protects it from the harmful effects of the environment. It also protects hair from the signs of aging, the appearance of gray hair, from hair loss and promote the growth of new, strong hair. Added hops contributes to shiny, fresh and beautiful hair. It also stimulates the renewal of cells on the scalp - stimulates hair growth - and has an antiseptic effect (against dandruff, oily scalp). Aloe vera, with its composition of vitamins, proteins soothes itchy scalp, deeply cleanses mainly oily hair, strengthens and repairs hair ends, helps prevent hair loss and can promote hair growth. Hair Paste Impressiveness is a unique product for everyone who needs perfect daily or occasional care of hair and scalp with exquisite botanical ingredients. The divine fragrance of essential oils of grapefruit, rosemary and juniper is not only refreshing, but also stimulating. Special botanical combination boosts hair recovery, promotes hair growth and helps normalizing the oil balance on scalp so it is suitable for all types and lengths of hair for woman and man.