With Hand and Body Preciousness we can reach instant effect with of silky smoothed and softer skin almost instantly. It is a rich, nourishing relief, with carefully chosen botanicals that protect skin of hands and whole body, leaving it soft, gentle, nourished, promoting wonderful feeling. It contains exclusive ingredient White Truffle (Tuber) with exceptional skincare properties: it restores radiance, revitalizes, improves skin elasticity, moisturizes for a long time and works as a powerful antioxidant. Tuber is also known for preventing the formation of dark spots on the skin and thus providing a lighter and more even skin tone; it is one of the most potent skin brighteners. Thanks to a clinically proven and patented extract of Abies Alba Wood (Belinal®) which is an extremely strong antioxidant, it effectively reduces the size and number of wrinkles, increases skin elasticity, soothes and nourishes the skin and reduces the irregularities in hyper pigmentation. This exceptional botanical ingredient also effectively prevents excessive moisture loss and protects the skin from UV radiation. Jojoba oil deeply moisturizes the skin and does not leave greasy traces. Passion flower protects the skin against the harmful effects of the environment, it maintains the softness, elasticity and youthful appearance of the skin. Almond oil effectively soothes, moisturizes and enhances skin radiance. Grapefruit essential oil has a cleansing effect and regulates sebum production, while rosemary soothes dry skin, accelerates microcirculation and wound healing, also repairs damaged tissue so that the skin is smooth and soft after use. Hand and Body Preciousness, despite its rich composition, does not leave greasy traces, is quickly absorbed and does not clog pores. It is an excellent daily care for women and men, even for the most demanding skin. Avoid direct sun exposure after use due to citrus essential oils. Perfect as regenerating special care after sun treatment. Grapefruit and Rosemary essential oils with a gentle, unobtrusive citrus - herbal scent invigorate the body and mind.


  • Preciousness Hand and body is intended for everyday use, mornings and/or evenings or as needed. Apply it on hands and whole body by gentle massage. Suitable for all skin types. For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes and mucosa. Usage not recommended for people who are sensitive to any of the ingredients in the product. Store in original packaging, away from heat and direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children. NATURAL. CLEAN. NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS. NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS. NO GMO. SUITABLE FOR VEGANS.